Eggies Tournament Edition

Eggies Tournament Edition

If you like games that use your mind to have fun, you should see and also play (for free) Eggies Tournament Edition. With different Challenging Levels, this game will provide hours of entertainment.  This game will build and also stimulate your brain.  This game is something I have personally played and enjoyed for hours and hours… and also I highly recommend it.  I find myself constantly grabbing my tablet to see if i have gained enough hearts to continue playing again.  This game is Eggies Tournament Editiongreat for all ages and it is a great way to enjoy your time in lines, time at the airport, or just on a rainy day (or for me – I play it at play it from time to time almost every day). You will find yourself addicted to the competition trying achieve the highest score to win more coins to buy extra boost to help earn more points.

Try Eggies Tournament Edition today and see how much fun this game is.  

Save The Eggies!

Oh no! Brenda has accidentally cast a spell trapping all her friends in eggs! Help save them all by matching eggs of the same color.

Match 3 eggs at a time to clear them off the board, 4 eggs to free one of Brenda’s friends, and 5 eggs… well, that will be a super surprise!

• Highly addicting game play!

• Amazing graphics!

• Awesome game sounds to keep you entertained while you play!

• Lots of challenging but yet fun filled levels!

• Each level comes with different goals!

• Share your success stories with your Facebook friends!

• 100% FREE game play!

• Fun game for all age groups!

• Plus so much more…

Get started here try this game for free, play for free… and also see how you can win prizes in this tournament edition for your game play.

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Playable on: Mobile & Tablet Compatible with: Eggies Tournament Edition Eggies Tournament Edition